Designer : Caroline Dobbs

Ø 250 mm x 135 mm H
Ø 9,84 inches x 5,31 inches H


‘Op’ simply means ‘on top’. It is a set of decorative, mouth blown storage boxes.

Because of their shape they are stackable and fit nicely into each other. This provides the design with a playful accent. Through a clear design I have tried to provide OP with a natural, balanced elegance.

To me it is very important that even when Op isn’t used, it still provides a decorative element.

For years nature has been my source of inspiration. Her boundless diversity, elusive vastness and sheer beauty have captivated me. I like to work with glass for its translucent and transparent nature and its endless recyclability.

In this time of ever growing awareness of the unhealthy state our planet finds itself. I strive to provide clear designs made to last long and easy to recycle. Most of my designs are made in one single material, two at the most. Always used without any glue at all, or any other way of attachment, this way it is more easy to recycle them in case of a breakage.

It is up to us, the designers to change the way people think about a product. We must try to change this consumer attitude, turn it over into a more aware attitude. We must design things that last, in materials with a low impact on our environment. 


Op By 1 pc 100323 75.00 € 75.00 €



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